Mycelium Wallet

The developers of Mycelium, a secure mobile bitcoin wallet, have been in the digital asset ecosystem since 2013, and have strived to develop an entire “Mycelium Ecosystem” of products, with its wallet being the figurehead. The goal of the developers is to maintain a decentralized ecosystem without bank interference. The app is currently free for Android and iOS.
The design interface for Mycelium is clean and straight to the point, with transactions being a straightforward process, however it has deep customization options. The wallet has taken a minimalist approach with a black and white aesthetic. While wallets such as wallets like Blockchain, bread, and Jaxx use softer color tones, more natural fonts, and more pleasant interfaces, Mycelium wallet makes up by giving users multiple wallet addresses, local Bitcoin purchase options, address books, cold-storage options amidst its features.

The Mycelium wallet does offer other advantages over other wallets. A unique option includes the ability to temporarily link Mycelium to a cold-storage wallet for payment. The wallet will then remove all traces of your cold-storage keys after the transaction is complete.

Another feature in the “Mycelium Ecosystem” is a compact, USB-powered printer to create paper wallets, called “Entropy”. Entropy connects with the Mycelium app and creates paper wallets without the need of a computer. Entropy is currently the only wallet-specific portable printer on the market.

The ecosystem also includes the “Mycelium Marketplace”. The Mycelium Marketplace allows traders to make transactions with local Bitcoin buyers and sellers. Using Near Field Communications (NFC) transactions between fiat currency and Bitcoin can be processed through the Mycelium app.

Despite feeling like a spartan app, there are robust features to be explored.