Tuesday, August 20, 2019

People Who Want to Control Their Capital Buy Bitcoin, Says Circle CEO

Circle CEO is confident that Bitcoin is becoming an increasingly attractive safe haven for investors

Judge Rejects Multimillion Dollar Asset Plea in Crypto Fraud Case

A Supreme Court judge in Canada has upheld the seizure of assets in a crypto fraud case

Huobi Wallet to Support MakerDAO Tokens, Decentralized Applications

Huobi Wallet adds support for MakerDAO’s stablecoin, utility token and DApps

Israeli Financial Authority to Accelerate Blockchain, Fintech Licensure

An Israeli Ministry of Finance branch is attempting to drive local fintech competition with licensing

New York Court Rules That State Attorney Has Jurisdiction Over Bitfinex

The New York State Supreme Court has ruled that Bitfinex is in the jurisdiction of the state’s Attorney General

Software Engineering Firm EPAM Joins Blockchain in Transport Alliance

Software firm EPAM Systems has joined the Blockchain in Transport Alliance, which develops blockchain practices in the transportation, logistics and supply chain industries

Binance iOS App Listed on Apple App Store After Delay for Review

Binance’s iOS app is officially listed on the Apple App Store once more after a lengthy review period

Report: Israeli Bitcoiners Petition Banks to Disclose Crypto Policies

A crypto nonprofit is petitioning for Israeli banks to disclose their policies on crypto-related funds

Deloitte Rolls Out Demonstrational Blockchain Platform

Deloitte has launched a demonstrational blockchain platform designed to showcase blockchain applications in various use cases

Bank of America Files Patent for Multi-Tiered Digital Currency Wallet

Bank of America has filed a patent for a digital asset wallet with multiple passwords and corresponding layers of access