The Big Crypto Linked $5B Deal of Plaid Isn’t Good At All, Here’s Why

Crypto industry analysts cheered yesterday over Visa’s announcement to buy fin-tech company Plaid. And while many see this as a further legitimization of blockchain technology, in reality, we should all be concerned about our privacy.Not surprising to see this kind of consolidation, and expect this will set the stage for more to come in 2020 – in fintech, crypto and beyond.— Brad Garlinghouse (@bgarlinghouse) January 14, 2020Visa Wants In On CryptoVisa has had a checkered history, as far as interest in crypto is concerned. A year ago, Visa CEO, Alfred F Kelly Jr stated that blockchain is more for low volume, high-value transactions. And that this technology has little appeal for the payments giant.It’s an interesting technology… It isn’t really at its core, for us, a good technology.”

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