Bitcoin SV (BSV) Explodes 29% on “Tulip Trust” Fears Ease

The price of Bitcoin SV (BSV) surged by a massive 28 percent on Friday as traders assessed a key development in the ongoing legal dispute involving founder Craig Wright.The self-proclaimed Bitcoin creator submitted a total of 428 documents to the plaintiffs, one of them allegedly including details of a trust that holds billions of dollars worth of bitcoin.Mr. Wright’s legal counselors marked the paper “Tulip Trust III” as confidential. The decision raised suspicions that their client – indeed – was involved in the mining of first batch of bitcoin alongside his deceased partner Dave Kleiman. Bitcoin SV supporters, who expect Mr. Wright to dump part of that bitcoin for BSV, got euphoric on the news.New: Craig Wright just so happened to have a third “Tulip Trust” set up to hold that missing $10 billion fund.He sent the info about the “Tulip Trust III” in a document dump of 428 dossiers.Can someone involves in this mess pls send me $1 million to keep going?— Brendan Jay Sullivan (@MrBrendanJay) January 9, 2020As of 0950 NY time, the BSV-to-dollar exchange rate had established an intraday high of $150.68. The gains appeared despite a lackluster performance across the top ten cryptocurrencies, showing that Bitcoin SV acted on idiosyncratic factors.“I’ll probably get sh** for this, but wow, BSV kicking a$$,” said prominent crypto trader Paddy Stash. “Up considerably from where it was just a short while ago.”

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