McAfee’s Prediction: Only 365 Days Left, Bitcoin Trades 95% Below Dickline Projection

Following Bitcoin’s meteoric rise into the public eye back in 2017, nearly every economist, analyst, and even regular Joe had a prediction for what the first-ever cryptocurrency would eventually be valued at.However, few predictions are as famous as that of cybersecurity expert John McAfee, who put a particularly valuable wager at risk if his prediction didn’t come true – a prediction that Bitcoin would reach $1 million per BTC by the end of 2020. With just 365 days left to go, let’s see how the now-infamous “Dickline” is tracking.Only 365 Days For Million Dollar BTC Prediction To Come TrueOn July 17, 2017, before Bitcoin broke above $10,000 and became a household name, cybersecurity pioneer John McAfee made a prediction that Bitcoin would reach $500,000 by the end of this year.Related Reading | The Biggest FUD and FOMO Moments in Crypto 2019

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