What is Bitwage? Jobs and Crypto Payments for Remote Workers

Source: https://coincentral.com/what-is-bitwage-jobs-and-crypto-payments-for-remote-workers/

Bitwage proudly displays the phrase Jobs and Salaries for International Outsourcing Firms atop its homepage. The company is not only a facilitator of cross-border payments for clients, their employees, and contractors. It’s also an advanced job search site, especially focused on the needs of remote workers. Here’s a closer look at the advantages that Bitwage jobs and salaries may avail to you.

Bitwage Jobs and Salaries

Bitwage’s operations boast three specific areas of expertise:

  1. Helping remote workers locate desirable job assignments, worldwide
  2. Enabling employers to pay remote workers rapidly, with low transaction costs
  3. Equipping remote workers to receive their wages and salaries in any of twenty-five different fiat currencies, four cryptocurrencies, and four precious metals

Remote workers don’t even need their employer to sign up for Bitwage in order to receive part or all of their pay in cryptocurrency service.

Employment Search

As of December 22, 2018, 19,500 remote workers are subscribed to Bitwage’s employment search algorithm. Currently, more than 31,000 job openings are listed on the website. Employers can quickly create a profile and post new jobs, just as easily as workers can post their personal info and begin their job search.

bitwage jobs and slaries bitwage job lisitng

As of December 22, 2018, nearly 32,000 jobs are listed on Bitwage.com. Image: https://jobs.bitwage.com/feed

According to the copy on the Bitwage website,

Machine-learning algorithms send every job posted to social media (based on your skills) straight to your inbox. Find jobs yourself from our job board that sources the remote jobs posted on Twitter, Reddit, and other platforms.

More than $34 million in payments have been made to remote workers since Bitwage went live several years ago.