Alleged Cybercriminal, Alexander Vinnik, Plans Hunger Strike to Avoid US Extradition

Alexander Vinnik, who according to U.S. authorities had allegedly laundered billions of dollars through the BTC-e exchange hack trading platform, claims he will not receive a fair hearing. To facilitate his point, Vinnik states he will go on a hunger strike before his next court hearing.

Timofey Musatov, the suspects leading defense attorney, made a statement that his client is “protesting prison conditions and violations of his fundamental rights,” during his ongoing year long incarceration in a Greek jail. The planned hunger strike has been made known to the Russian consul in the region.

Vinnik found himself detained in July 2017, by Greek authorities who had acted on a warrant issued by the U.S. The warrant stated that Vinnik his wanted in his connection for a money laundering scheme related to the Mt Gox hack, who at the time was processing the world’s largest amounts of bitcoin (BTC), and subsequently lost million of dollars. Vinnik is accused of being the main culprit in a money laundering scheme processing more than $4 billion using the BTC-e, crypto exchange.

In October 2017, Thessaloniki courts ruled that Vinnik would be extradited to the U.S. to face the charges involving the vast sum, however, Vinnik’s defense team filed an appeal with the Supreme Civil and Criminal Court of Greece in Athens, to have him sent to Russia, where he will face charges in the theft of  600,000 rubles (approximately $9,000).