G Suite is the Latest Victim of Twitter Crypto Giveaway Scam

Twitter has recently undergone another high-profile hack to relieve unsuspecting users from their bitcoins. The target this time is Google’s G-suite official Twitter account, as a tweet to give away bitcoins spread across the social media platform.

G Suite’s verified account stated:

“Google is giving 10,000 Bitcoin (BTC) to all community!

We decided to make the biggest crypto-giveaway in the world!

Now you can make payments in Gsuite using cryptocurrency!”

In order to participate in the giveaway, a verification address check needed to be completed. In order to complete the check, users just needed to transfer 0.1 to 2 BTC to a payment address in order to receive 1 to 20 BTC back.

This scam eventually made its way onto nearly 1 million page followers through an advertisement. The con artist ploy was not long lived, as Google reigned in account within 10 minutes of the hack.

Twitter’s celebrity profiles have been targeted by hackers for some time now, seeing Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, Google CEO Sundar Pichai, and Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales fall prey. Elon Musk was another recent victim of a fraudulent bitcoin giveaway, despite one year earlier scolding the Twitter team for not being proactive enough in this space.

Musk’s recently had his Twitter profile impersonated and posted:

“To verify your address, send from 0.1 to 3 BTC to the address below and get from 1 to 30 BTC back!”

As the scam had passed the vetting stage by the Twitter team for advertising, the ad received 0.4 BTC, amounting to almost $3,000.