Crypto Sector Breaking into Forbes 30-Under-30 List

Cryptocurrency and blockchain technology are creeping into Forbes 30-Under-30 list, as innovators in the nascent industries are disrupting markets globally. Four young entrepreneurs have found their names on the well known publications list for their works in the fields of finance, blockchain, asset management in the crypto ecosystem.

The under 30 years-old CEOs and founders, Hunter Horsley, JB Rubinovitz,  Nader Al-Naji, and Olaoluwa Osuntokun been listed on Forbes’ list due to their companies various solutions to solve global problems by using blockchain technology.

Hunter Horsley (28), the eldest leading the bunch, is the CEO of Bitwise Asset Management, an asset manager that specialized in individuals, wealth managers, family offices, investment managers and institutions who are exploring cryptocurrency.

JB Rubinovitz (26) is a co-founder of Bail Bloc, a company that facilitates donations by using your spare computer power to generate bail for low income defenders. Bail Bloc’s goal is to help the multiple of detainees who are awaiting trial to post bail.

Nader Al-Naji (26) is the developer of Basis, a stablecoin pegged 1:1 with the US dollar, that is designed to over take the central banks of countries which are experiencing hyperinflation, such as Venezuela and Zimbabwe. The company has pulled in major investors, fundraising more than $133 million in order to create a stablecoin which is not backed by reserve currency, but is maintaining its pegging with an algorithm that will adjust the supply according to demand.

The youngest, Olaoluwa Osuntokun (25) co-founded Lightning Labs, makes his debut on Forbes’ list due to creating a scaling solution for the Bitcoin blockchain. The entrepreneur secured $2.5 million toward his work of increasing bitcoin transaction speed in order to make bitcoin adoption a viable solution to everyday transaction.