Teenager Threatens Miami Airport Over Stolen Bitcoin

India’s Anti-terrorist Squad (ATS), Uttar Pradesh division, has detained a suspect concerning a terrorist threat against Miami Airport. A young teenager was apprehended after making the threat to attack the airport through multiple phone calls.

The Indian authorities were tipped off by the US’s Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), as the suspect had been upset with the lack of support given to him by the agency. The teen was looking to reclaim his bitcoin in which he had been swindled from a US con artist.

The teen claims that he received $1000 to purchase bitcoin by his father, however, a con artist defrauded him through an online chat forum. The teen was promised hefty returns if he would invest with the US-based thief, and the scammer subsequently fled in the night.

Instead of lodging complaints with the local authorities, he decided to make a direct call to the FBI headquarters.

The youth immediately contacted the FBI, however, they did not give a satisfactory reply to the teen. In response to the refusal for aid from the FBI, the young man had threatened Miami Airport, claiming that he had hand grenades, an AK-47, body armor and a suicide belt in his possession.

It’s been reported that over 50 calls were made over the month of October to the airport. The bombardment of calls was finally squelched when the youth was discover in Jaluan District, where his communication devices were confiscated. The boy was subsequently charged by the Indian National Investigation Agency (NIA) multiple crimes under the Indian Penal Code and the IT Act due to the threats originating from an online source, as the calls were made over VoIP.

The teenager has not been formally arrested, and he and his community have been questioned as to his mental state. The boy was deemed to be of sound mind, and his actions were made out of naivety.