CoinJoin Used to Make Largest Anonymous Bitcoin Transaction to Date

Concurrently with the ten year anniversary of the Bitcoin whitepaper, Gregory Maxwell, the developer of CoinJoin, an anonymization method for bitcoin transactions, has pursued the original intent of cryptocurrency in making transactions anonymously. In a historic moment for the cryptocurrency industry, a transaction between people privately took place with a transaction valued at more than $200,000.

ID 940ee6db84456b34a419112f71394f81c236873fbc5262ae2398e29a1171475f
Block No. 548,202
Coin Bitcoin (BTC, ฿)
Time Oct 31, 2018 at 03:43
Confirmations 228
# of Inputs 70
# of Outputs 83
Sent Value 34.30709811
Fee 0.00016675
Other Info Size: 12,943 bytes, Raw Data

Adam Ficsor, the developer of the Wasabi Wallet, initiated the transaction and posted it on his Twitter account:

“The largest CoinJoin in the history of Bitcoin has just been created. Exactly 10 years after its whitepaper. Beautiful!”

zSnacks-owned, Wasabi Wallet, is a desktop application Bitcoin wallet that attempts to increase the security of sustaining anonymity between Bitcoin transactions by using CoinJoin. CoinJoins seeks to improve the fungibility, where bitcoins maintain its immutable status without being affected by previous uses, of Bitcoin. However, this comes with the risk of improving methods for criminals laundering money, as dirty money can be cleaned through this process. However, the counter argument is that if dirty money is clean, and ends up with a person not involved the illicit dealing of the money, then are they subject to the history of the currency?