MapleChange Come Back Online, But Will Not Refund BTC or LTC

In a report yesterday, Canadian-based crypto exchange, MapleChange, had undergone some suspicious activity, after first being hacked and closing doors to subsequently deleting all of their social media accounts, after reporting the hack. While these bizarre actions pointed towards an exit scam, MapleChange has reopened dialouge through their Twitter account, however the main site is still down.

After a heated exchange between the company and its former clients, a Discord chat room was opened up for individuals to file complaints, and to attempt to proceed with a refund. The have made it expressly known that the will not be refunding Bitcoin (BTC) and Litecoin (LTC).

The posted on Twitter:

“We CANNOT refund any BTC or LTC funds unfortunately. We will try our best to refund everything else.”

This tweet was met with a barrage of anger from various users, many citing the aforementioned exit scam, and threats of contacting authorities. One Twitter user expressed that the only reason that any attempt to reconcile with the angry customers was due to some of the management being doxxed (a practice of publicly releasing an individual’s private information in an attempt for social justice).

The company addressed the concerns by offering clients to contact them directly through private message or through the newly opened discord chat room. The released this information via Twitter:

“Should the solution aforementioned not work, we ask that you PM us your account and we will do our best to sort you out.

We have opened a Discord server for refunds. Please join. We will be creating a room so people can post their missing funds.”

In an attempt to validate that this was not an exit scam, but rather a hack, the company released with screenshots, the negative account balances of the exchange. The company went on to explain that the “hackers” were able to exploit the system with trades equaling 15 bitcoins, however they were unable to pull out more than 8 bitcoins, due to the low liquidity of the firm.

MapleChange vehemently denied that this was an attempt to grab customer funds and disappear in the night. The took umbrage against the media outlets that made claims of wrongdoing, and cited that these reports falsified that fact that the exchange held at some point 919 bitcoins, while they only garnered a total volume frequently under 2BTC.

The company tweeted out:

“Irrelevant of what the media has spewed out about us, I’d like to bring to light our point of view, should you choose to believe it or not. We have NEVER had 919 BTC in our wallet, the picture that displayed so showed the volume abuse caused by the hackers.”