Tron Foundation Reports 49x Single-Day Transfers More than Ethereum

The Tron Foundation released their weekly report on October 22, 2018, that showcased the various additions to the Tron ecosystem. The main highlight being a comparison of Tron against Ethereum, claiming TRON’s peak number of single-day transfer volume was 49 times that of Ethereum.

The report covered TRON’s account number and the transfer volume with TRON MainNet accounts reaching 399,718. TRON’s peak number covering single-day transfer volume obtained 440,135, and the average daily transfer volume is reported at 146,041. These market transactions were calculated on on September 29, 2018.

Further comparison between Tron and Ethereum showed that TRON’s account number was 13 times that of Ethereum as well as TRON’s total number of accounts being 20% higher versus that of EOS.

Regarding development within the technical aspects of the Tron network, an anonymous transaction scheme research was ran on the Tron wallet. An update to the network included optimization on the output of in-memory databases, as well as a exception handling and organized log specifications. Further updates will be done on the consensus protocol, test resource ceiling, dynamic change, and resource delegation.

The US Federal Communications Commission [FCC] had released Coinwar on October 15, 2018. Coinwar is a DApp on the TRON MainNet that provides market forecasting.

Finally, confirmation of a partnership between the Tron Foundation and Baidu Browser was solidified on October 18, 2018. The aim of the partnership is to provide  blockchain solutions through cloud computing resources.