MCO Visa Cards Begins Spreading Around Singapore, a payments and cryptocurrency platform, headquartered in Hong Kong, recently posted on their Medium blog announcing that their MCO Visa Card, will being shipping to customers in Singapore. The company conducted their MCO Token Sale in May-June of 2017 raising US$26.7 million. The MCO token has a circulating supply of 15.8 million tokens and finds itself on 21 exchanges around the world.

The MCO Visa Card prepaid card allows users to spend their money anywhere with no fees, as they would with any other visa card. The notably metal card offers a number of features,  such as airport lounge access for select cards,  as well as free ATM withdrawals.

Reservations can now be made for the MCO Visa Card by using’s mobile wallet app. The onboarding process has been streamlined down to three-minutes. The Wallet app allows users a variety of options, where they can trade and store cryptocurrencies, and even convert them into fiat money. The app also allows customers the ability to monitor their account. They can check their card usage, transaction history, and can freeze or unfreeze their card all through the app.

Co-Founder and CEO of, Kris Marszalek stated:

“We are thankful for the support of all our partners and our community. During this process, our team has grown tremendously and worked incredibly hard to achieve this milestone. This is an important step towards our mission of accelerating the world’s transition to cryptocurrency.”