Apple Blackmailed by UK Hacker for Bitcoin

 When computer giant Apple gets hacked, it’s usually few and far between, however with cryptocurrency cyber attacks on the raise, it seemed only a matter of time before the two became intertwined. A UK hacker named Albayrak, penetrated Apple’s security, and took control of millions of users iCloud accounts. The hacker has ransomed the accounts for bitcoins, to prevent the data stolen from being sold on the blackmarket.

Apple is being extorted for $150,000 in BTC by the 21 year-old North London hacker. The funds are to be deposited into his crypto wallet.

 The breach was recorded by the hacker and posted on video-sharing site Youtube. The video showed Albayrak breaking into 319 million iCloud accounts. In order to stop the hacker from selling the stolen data, he has requested that $150,000 worth of BTC, this comes after an initial ransom of $65,000. Along with the bitcoins, he has added $1,100 worth of iTunes gift cards to his demands.

The crybercrook also claims that the data will remain unmolested and secure if his demands are met. This proposal was backed up by “good faith”.

 Local authorities have already apprehended Albayrak. The young criminal has already been found guilty by the Westminster Magistrate, for “blackmail and unauthorized acts intending to hinder access to a computer”. The hacker has been released on an unconditional bail as he awaits his court hearing in November.