In-person Bitcoin Exchange Leads to Murder

Since the Silk Road’s (a dark web illicit marketplace used mainly to purchase drugs and contract hits) creator was jailed back in 2013, cryptocurrency has not been too involved in murder cases. However, recently a Norwegian man was killed during an in-person bitcoin exchange for physical money.

Norwegian Investigators reported that the murder took place at the victims home during the interaction. After the transfer of cash-for-bitcoin concluded the man was brutally stabbed multiple times, to be later discovered by his roommate.

The 24 years old was stabbed in his Majorstuen Oslo apartment during the morning hours between 7:50 am and 12:10 pm, according to the investigators on the case. The roommates and the friends of the deceased were reported to not be aware of cryptocurrency activity nor the exchange that took place.

Grete LIen Metlid, head of intelligence and investigations department of the Oslo police, mentioned that the department had received a tip that the murder was related to a bitcoin exchange.

Metlid commented on the tip:

“We are familiar with a tip about Bitcoin, but at this time we will not provide more information about the investigation,”

While the investigation is still underway, there has been little information leaked to the media, and the current progress of the investigation is still unknown. However, the media is expected to be updated with details as the investigation yields more results.