Brave’s New Browser Version is 22% faster

The Brave browser, built by Brave Software, is an open-source ad-blocking browser, that aims to pay content creators with a pay-to-surf business model using the Basic Attention Token (BAT) as a reward system. In a recent announcement, a new version of the now chromium-based browser has be released and is claimed to be 22% faster with added chrome extension support.

Brave Software announced on their website that its new desktop browser is built off of Google’s open-source web browser project and chrome extensions are supported. Brave’s older versions were built off of Muon, created in-house by the Brave team, that worked as a toolkit for other developers to utilize when creating browsers and applications for themselves.

In a publicly released test, the new browser was tested against two standards, speeds of loading sites, and resource usage. The test revealed that the new version is 22% faster, even processing page loading eight seconds quicker than the previous version. This also comes with the reworked BAT reward system, that will allow the browser to have a more intuitive feel.

The Brave team stated:

“Brave Rewards replaces Brave Payments with improved usability, more visibility, and new features. With this release, Brave Rewards enters beta. We look forward to getting your feedback on this redesigned approach.”

The Brave browser has seen noticeable support during a time of content creators being subjected to the whims of host sites. The Brave browser has generated more than 10 million downloads and nets more that 4 million active users monthly.