Tron Hints at Tron-based Youtube Alternative Due to Outage

In a response to the Youtube outage that left many of the video-sharing site without access to content, Tron Foundation commented that a decentralized platforms wouldn’t have experience the same setback. The Tron Foundation posted on social media platform Twitter, with a possible hint to the future.

The official Tron Foundation Twitter posted:

“Today, @YouTube users around the world had access issues on YouTube, YouTube TV and YouTube Music for almost 1 hour. Our #TRONICS believe that with the decentralized platform on #TRON, that kind of issue won’t happen. #TRX $TRX”

Tron founder, Justin Sun, tweeted out several announcements with one hinting at a mysterious partnership. There have been various speculation as to who the Tron Foundation will reveal to be in works with, the two most prevalent being Chinese MNC, Alibaba Group, or China’s search engine Baidu.

Sun has also made news regarding the potential Vitalik Buterin vs Nouriel Roubini debate. As an incentive, Sun has offered a reward of $1 million if the debate does come to fruition.

This remark to the Youtube outage may have some validity to Tron exploring a decentralized video-sharing platform. Sun has been a vocal proponent for a decentralized internet, and after acquiring BitTorrent, the decentralized internet may be on the horizon.