Ripple’s New Chief Market Strategist Tries To Clear The Air Around Ripple

In an interview with Breaker Magazine, Cory Johnson, Ripple’s new chief market strategist, echoed CEO Brad Garlinghouse about there being “a lot of FUD” (fear, uncertainty, and doubt) concerning the company and their coin, however, Johnson’s phrasing was more colloquial.

Johnson, the founding editor in chief of Slam, a sports periodical, co-creator of Industry Standard magazine, CNBC’s first Silicon Valley correspondent and an eight year vet at Bloomberg, all with the enthusiasm of a startup. Now as the chief market strategist, he is tasked to enlighten the public about blockchain startup Ripple and their native coin XRP.

Taking the position eight months ago, the new chief market strategist, has according to him, encountered “tons of FUD”, as the public is unaware of the connects between Ripple, a payments company, and the XRP token, which was started by the same team. This also comes with comments from the knowledgeable cryptocurrency community, with many citing that since  ripple owns approximately 60 billion of the 100 billion total XRP, it is not truly decentralized.

In response to the critiques, Johnson stated:

“They don’t allow themselves the possibility of saying “XRP is better than Bitcoin” because of the financial loss they might engender. Even if they have the best of intentions. Bias is called bias for a reason.”

He continued addressing the integrity of the journalist slandering Ripple as well:

“It’s been truly surprising to me that people out there pretending to report facts aren’t interested in correcting them. They’re not journalists, but they’re posing as journalists.”

In terms of Johnson’s new position at Ripple, he’s excited to be in a structured environment where everyone knows their tasks and that the end result is what matters.