BudgetFly Adopts PumaPay Cryptocurrency Billing Solution for Faster and Easier Payments

Limassol, Cyprus, October 12: Global-reach travel agency BudgetFly has partnered with PumaPay, a revolutionary cryptocurrency billing protocol set to revolutionize payments by allowing merchants cross-industry to accept and offer their clients the possibility to pay in cryptocurrency. BudgetFly will start accepting payments in the PumaPay token (PMA) for flights and hotel bookings.

Offering an all-inclusive booking platform, which allows holidaymakers from all over the world to plan their trip from A to Z, BudgetFly strives to provide its clients with the best booking experience and eliminate all the complications related to travel planning.

In an ongoing effort to provide the best of service to travelers, the online booking engine has also created a stylish and easy-to-use mobile app, which facilitates quick search and real-time fare updates and comparison.

To simplify processes and help travelers make the best choice when it comes to online flight and hotel reservations, BudgetFly works with more than 400 international airlines, including low cost operators and hoteliers to find the best deals around the globe. Additionally, the platform places a major focus on transaction and data security and implements the highest security standards to allow travelers to book their trip with confidence.

With the aim to optimize user experience, the platform added a new payment method to the fiat-based ones it uses: PumaPay. From now on, travelers who own PumaPay tokens will be able to pay for their flights and hotel rooms with PMA, in a faster and direct way, without the risks associated with traditional methods.

Moreover, by integrating PumaPay’s PullPayment Protocol, BudgetFly will also be able to bill hoteliers and airlines advertising their services on a regular basis. Once the recurring payment solution put forward by PumaPay is up and running on the platform, the reputed travel agency will be able to set up recurring payment models with its regular customers on a monthly or yearly basis.

“BudgetFly is committed to providing its customers with the wide variety of options, be it travel dates, destinations or accommodation. Partnership with PumaPay also enables us to provide travelers with more payment options, to better cater to the demands of cryptocurrency holders worldwide,” says BudgetFly co-founder Pavlos Evangelides.

PumaPay is well-known in the crypto space for developing an innovative crypto billing solution that introduces a multitude of payment options on the blockchain that were never possible before, such as recurring payments with fixed and variable amount, pay-per-use, shared and restricted transactions.

Making the headlines of publications like Forbes, Venture Beat, Reuters, Huffington Post, CoinTelegraph, investing.com and other financial media outlets, PumaPay introduces recurring payments with fixed amount on the Ethereum network. Having recently completed an important milestone on its roadmap, the ambitious crypto project also launched the 2nd version of its wallet app, the PumaPay Cryptocurrency Wallet, which allows PMA holders to conveniently pay their online subscriptions and buy PMA tokens and Ether from the exchanges listed in the mobile app, as well as store and handle transactions in over 50 ERC20 tokens.

“We’re very excited to expand our ecosystem to the traveling industry by having BudgetFly join our early adopters. This secures PumaPay a well-grounded position among the payment options of choice for the traveling industry and propels our solution and PMA token by making it accessible to travelers and holidaymakers worldwide”, says PumaPay CEO Yoav Dror.

About BudgetFly

Headquartered in Larnaca, Cyprus but carrying out operations worldwide, BudgetFly is a global-reach travel agency, offering an online booking platform and a stylish and easy-to-use mobile app that allow travelers worldwide to plan their trip according to their budget, by offering them an up-to-date fare comparison and best deals in real time. For more information visit BudgetFly.

About PumaPay

PumaPay offers an open-source, blockchain-based protocol that decentralizes a whole layer of transaction processing services. The comprehensive and flexible protocol allows adopters to process transactions using nearly all the familiar billing methodologies and combines the best of traditional methods (credit cards) and blockchain-based solutions. For more information visit PumaPay.


Original Source :https://pumapay.io/budgetfly-adopts-pumapay-cryptocurrency-billing-solution/