Stellar-based Smartlands Partners with Multi-billion Dollar Company

A partnership has be established between Kiev-based Smartlands and billion dollar company Colliers International. Stellar-based Smartlands Platform, built on the Stellar network that aims to provides advanced blockchain technology with fast, cheap, secure transactions. The platform is designed to connect companies and investors by offering blockchain-based securities backed by various assets in multiple sectors of the economy, particularly real estate assets. Colliers International, a multi-billion dollar Canada-based global commercial real estate services organization, is looking to tokenize the trillion dollar real estate market.

The announcement stated that the partnership plans to “explore the possibilities of a securitizing real estate in a digital world in general and to jointly create a Stellar-based real estate tokenization project based on select properties managed by Colliers International.”

Smartlands platform is ready to combine the investors and crypto asset owners on the Stellar network with Colliers International’s 500 offices across 69 countries.

CEO of the Smartlands Platform. Arnoldas Nauseda commented:

“Smartlands Platform approached Colliers International with a ready technological solution for tokenizing ownership of the real-world assets in a fully compliant legal framework, which instantly solves virtually all problems of the real estate industry. Colliers was perceptive enough to enter the partnership immediately.”

Ramune Askiniene, the CEO of Colliers International Advisors in Lithuania echoed the sentiment, that the financial and commercial landscape has the potential for the real estate market being worth trillions of dollars and can benefit from tokenization.

The partnership will see the usefulness of security tokens as being a major asset in all markets.