Estonian-based Project IQeon Changing Gaming and Cryptos

Estonian-based project IQeon partnered with Media Park, a Lithuanian-based software company that design and build web based software and mobile apps, is primed to launch its first decentralized PvP platform that will integrate cryptos into the gaming experience. The hype behind the platform had already garnered over 1 million users pre-launch.

The proliferation of e-sports has put gaming into another league, with tournaments generating millions of dollars in sponsorships, however the IQeon team claims only 3% of gamers have found a way to monetize their hobby. In order to expand this number, the startup has developed a way for gamers to make money on their platform by using their talents to earn real value from their past-time.

Vadim Dovguchits, IQeon CEO commented:

“We wanted to give gamers more than just an online space where they can spend their free time. We are for the big idea of providing players around the world with the opportunity to use their skills in order to earn real value from games. With the development of the blockchain, we also couldn’t have passed by this technology and decided to use the best of it for our platform.”
IQeon’s IQN gaming cryptocurrency can be used for a variety of tasks:
● Direct use of tokens in the IQeon ecosystem:
● Rates and rewards in gambling rooms and disputes;
● Player Achievements such as player of the day, player of the month, etc
● Payment of remuneration to game developers;
● payment of royalties to the owners of copyrights for digital content;
● Remuneration for partner programs.
IQeon platform’s Pre-ICO had developers of more than 50 games and apps, exploring the possibility of connecting to the IQeon ecosystem. The young company has already piqued the interest of the crypto community, and has found itself being listed on Coincodex, CoinMarketCap, and CoinGecko.