Online Gamers Exploited By Bitcoin-Stealing Malware

The battle-royale styled game Fortnite, released in 2017 and developed by Epic Games, has taken the gaming industry by storm. The game has drawn the attention of cybercriminals to create and spread a malware that steals bitcoin and personal information from gamers.

The games free-to-play battle royale game where up to 100 players fight to be the last person standing has claimed to have 125 million players. That estimate seems above board as the game has generated hundreds of millions of dollars per month during the first half of 2018. When there is this much money involved it’s only a matter of time till ne’er do wells enter the picture.

Hackers have gone on to develop malware which is hidden in a program named ‘Fortnite cheats’. Christopher Boyd, malware intelligence analyst of Malwarebytes Labs, found the program targeting bitcoins camouflaged as a tool to cheat the games system. The malignant software is programed to steal vital data and BTC from unsuspecting, yet game cheating, Fortnite players.

Malwarebytes first noticed the malware being marketed on Youtube. In a blog post, the company stated:
“First, we sifted through a sizable mish-mash of free season six passes, supposedly “free” Android versions of Fortnite, which were leaked out from under the developer’s noses, the ever-popular blast of “free V-Bucks” used to purchase additional content in the game, and a lot of bogus cheats, wallhacks, and aimbots.”

The malware sifts through the users system and then sends the stolen data to the Russian Federation after it checks BTC wallets, cookies, browser session and steam session information.

So far around 1,207 have downloaded the malware leaving many Fortnite players exposed to the scam. Boyd has issued a warning that gamers attempting to cheat in Fortnite had best beware, as the cheat may cheat themselves.