French Police Officer Sells Secrets for Bitcoin on the Dark Web

A police officer working for, Direction Générale de la Sécurité Intérieure (DGSI), a French intelligence agency that oversees threats related to cybercrime and terrorism. The unnamed officer with the pseudonymous handle of Haurus, was caught selling secret information on the the Black Hand dark web site, has been arrested and is awaiting a hearing.

The sales took place on the dark web, an online marketplace where any illicit item or activity is up for cryptocurrency. The marketplace can be used to purchase weapons, drugs, hits, and in this case privileged information

The French Police were able to track down the identity of Haurus by shutting down the dark web site Black Hand on June 12 2018. The investigation has lead to some of the secrets being recovered based on an individual-specific code that’s embedded into official documents and tracks history transactions.

The French intelligence officer is alleged to have sold privileged information that was found in possession of cyber-criminals, Le Parisien.The officer sold the data and used them to create forged documents. He has also been accused of offering other illicit services such as the tracking of people’s location based on their mobile number by using agency resources, as well as tipping off criminals who are under surveillance by local police.

The DGSI, not only deals in cybercrime and terrorism, they also have a hand in counter-espionage and surveillance of dangerous organizations. The covert nature of the agency has not released the true identity of Haurus, as this may lead to the DGSI being compromised.

The officer is facing a sentence of up to seven years and a fine in the range of €100000-€115000.