Magic Academy – First Tron Network-Based Game Launching

Tons TRX

TRON’s (TRX) creator, Justin Sun, has announced a new edition to the Tron Network, in the form of the world’s first idle blockchain game, Magic Academy. The game, developed by BitGuild, will feature a marketplace similar to other games, but with the distinct difference of players having true ownership over their in-game assets.

This is Tron’s and BitGuild’s move to update the gaming sector around the world, by utilizing blockchain technology. This will give gamers the authority over their in-game items like never before.

Sun announced the games future launch on the Tron Network via Twitter:

“@BitGuildPLAT and Magic Academy: the world’s first idle blockchain game based on #TRON network.”

Magic Academy, is being developed by the game industry veterans behind BitGuild. The platform will use Platinum (PLAT) an ERC20 token. This token will be the native currency to play the company’s games. PLAT will allow users to trade on the Marketplace, as well as provide financial backing for projects in the Game Incubator.

Digital assets developed on BitGuild’s Portal can be traded for the PLAT tokens on the Marketplace. Auctions are decentralized and built using smart contracts according to the website. Included is the BitGuild’s Item Wallet, different from standard crypto wallets, this allows users to display non-fungible tokens (game items and equipment).

Magic Academy, is a resource management style of game which has been extremely popular over the last few decades. The game will have players purchasing wizards, and equipment for upgrading them.

The BitGuild team explained:

“By buying wizards and upgrading items, you can upgrade the currency in this magic world — your production of Jade.”

The main resource to manage within the game is Jade and are TRX20 tokens, which can be continuously mined by players The process of acquiring Jade, can be done through mining as well as building up your army and waging battle against other players in an attempt to take their Jade. As with other games in the genre, the more powerful you army is, the faster you can mine resources.

Magic Academy will give players loot boxes (randomly generated in-game assets) that will have a items along a spectrum of rarity. These items received can be used to trade with other players on the Marketplace. This blockchain-based game may be the first of its kind, but surely isn’t its last.