Beijing Sci-Tech Report (BSTR) Adds Bitcoin Payment Option for Subscriptions

In a time of cryptocurrency purge by China’s government regime, Chinese media publication that reports on the tech industry,Beijing Sci-Tech Report (BSTR), announced it will offer subscriptions payable with Bitcoin (BTC). This news comes during a tumultuous period where Chinese officials have come down hard by banning crypto exchanges and Initial Coin Offering (ICO) providers to shut down operations.

BSTR will provide subscribers the ability to pay for the media outlets services to the specific bitcoin receiving address of the newspaper in order to promote blockchain and cryptocurrency as a practical option.

BTSR is offering the publication’s ‘Tech Life’ magazine, for the annual subscription cost of  0.01 BTC, around $65.

Chinese government regulations continue to crackdown on trading and promoting cryptocurrency activities, due to the subverting nature of the technology, it however, is not officially illegal to own and invest in cryptocurrency.

Chinese cryptocurrency news commentator cnLedger detailed that BTSR’s offering of a Bitcoin subscription is not against the law. The commenter added:

“Owning and investing in crypto is not banned. Otherwise Jihan (Wu, CEO) of Bitmain and Leon (Li, CEO) of Huobi would be among the first ones to get fined/caught. Thousands if not millions would have been arrested already (large amount of OTC tradings).”