Thailand’s SuperRich FX Brokerage Seeks to Add Cryptocurrencies

Superrich International Exchange (1965) Co., Thailand’s premier foreign currency exchange, has recently released their plans to break into the cryptocurrency market. The company currently maintains 49 locations in Thailand with 32 currencies available. The company has already spread to Britain and Cambodia, and seeks to enter Laos.

The president of Superrich, Piya Tantivachayanon, is looking to offer cryptocurrency assets exchange for travelers, as well as e-wallet services. To help with the technology, Superrich is in talks with partners to begin on development. Superrich has been exploring more technological ways to service tourist and Thai citizens alike. Recently they’ve announce a service that allows you to receive payments from foreign currency purchases by scanning QR code and they are preparing to cooperate with leading financial institutions to develop the SuperRich Card which will allow foreign customers to exchange money.

Tantivachyanon said, in a statement:

“Superrich is synonymous with being a fast, reliable money changer…We’re offering customers more choice and convenience when they exchange money. This new capability we’ve developed with Dragon Token (DRG) means customers will be able to exchange digital currency with speed and ease.”

Superrich has already had talks with the the country’s main cryptocurrency regulator, Thai Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), concerning the crypto exchange and wallet services. However, once all of the paperwork has been approved by local regulators, Superrich is ready to launch immediately its crypto operations, exchanging cryptocurrencies that the SEC has greenlighted.