John McAfee Claims That We are Currently ‘Hired Slaves’ and Blockchain will Free Us

John McAfee the founder of McAfee Asssociates and some would say ‘eccentric’ multi-millionaire, claims that blockchain technology will be our saving grace from ‘hired slavery’.

During the CoinsBank Blockchain Cruise, McAfee commented that in our current societal system, workers are “hired slaves” and with the decentralized nature of blockchain, we will be freed from the centralized system. McAfee has stated that he believes that centralization, regulation and permission is “subtle and refined slavery” system and is seen throughout the world.

McAfee explains this system of limitations, as being constantly restricted by legal and regulatory requirements that permeate throughout our everyday lives. With the centralized system in place we are limited to what the system will allow us and we can’t reach our full potential in a way that a decentralized system would provide.

He is quoted during the interview:

“We live in a system of permission. Every legislation, every law, every regulatory agency, every regulatory body, is designed to control our thoughts or actions or movements.”

Blockchain technology has freed us from meddlers and middlemen. With the birth of cryptocurrency, we’ve entered a permissionless society. McAfee is cited as saying :

 “If you want to send Bitcoin, Ethereum or Monero, who do I have to ask? Only the peer.” We are creating a permissionless society.”

It’s hard to argue that blockchain is revolutionizing the world and is finding itself in every industry, from financial institutions, medical ledgers, to crime fighting. Even countries with standoffish attitudes with cryptocurrencies are finding ways to adopt blockchain technology.

This leaves us with the question, will McAfee’s world of a permissionless society come to fruition or will governments be able to regulate the freedom out of the new technologies?