Weiss Ratings Analysis Speculates that Bitcoin will Lose Half of its Market Share to Ethereum

Weiss Ratings, a private company that provides high quality advisory information and monitoring of financial services company and investments, has analyzed Bitcoin and Ethereum and forecast a huge change for the flagship cryptocurrency. The prediction places Bitcoin at losing fifty percent of its market share to the second place digital asset per market cap, Ethereum over the next half decade.

Analysis between the two coins by Weiss ratings puts the functionality of Ethereum over that of Bitcoin, due to Ethereum’s ability to create decentralized apps and smart contracts, as well as its more versatile blockchain technology.

On the official Weiss Rating Twitter account, the company released:


#Bitcoin will lose 50% of its #cryptocurrency market share to #ETH within 5 years, due to it offering more uses and being backed with superior #blockchain technology. We completely agree – unlike #BTC, which is a one-trick pony, the limit of ETH’s application is sky itself.”

The company has cited that Ethereum has a platform capable of supporting a whole series of different functions. While only time can tell if this prediction will come true, other crypto experts have come to the same conclusion, and we may soon see Ethereum overtake the crypto giant Bitcoin.