XRP Network Transfers Billions Within Seconds

With cryptocurrencies continually evolving as well being powered by blockchain, the networks are designed to be improved upon. Showing how adaptable a network can be, Ripple has made some record breaking transactions. Ripple wants to guarantee that XRP transactions can be made at extremely high volumes, along with minimal fees, in record shattering time. The ability to achieve a transaction of tremendous amounts, with low cost, and at a rapid rate is the goal of any financial institution, and Ripple is on a strong path.

According to media outlet, ZyCrypto, two enormous XRP transactions occurred, seeing $760 million and 4.6 billion XRP (estimated to be $1.6 billion) executed on the Ripple network within seconds.
The recording of the transactions shows:
Transaction Type: PaymentAmount: 2,139,999,979 XRP
Fee: 12 drops (0.000012 XRP)
Sender: rHYTJDFrbCU1i2yCENTg9yjUrHHGaYTB4D
Sender Balance: 20.998428
Receiver: r93oSNBKuFjuKt8GxhF8VYaGzzwsNDPaX5
Receiver Balance: 2,140,000,078.993
Transaction Type: Payment
Amount: 4,668,132,964 XRP
Fee: 12 drops (0.000012 XRP)
Sender: r9kkWNia8PmpR44L7mWZn33Hpff3CCzLjA
Sender Balance: 20.980988
Receiver: rDbWJ9C7uExThZYAwV8m6LsZ5YSX3sa6US
Receiver Balance: 4,668,133,063.993
Transactions cost came to about 0.000012 XRP each, which currently converts to $0.33. With the stunning transactions recorded, Ripple has shown what their network is capable of, and that the best is yet to come. With continual work being conducted, this can only mean the company can handle scalability, maintain minimal transaction fees, as well as have a network that can handle huge sums with ease.
As for why these transactions took place, can only fall under speculation, but the fact that the transactions did take place just goes to show what type of performance that Ripple’s network can handle. While this was a large sum of money being moved, and there are of course a rationale behind it, this does not deter from the feat at hand. While Ripple has had its ups and downs as of late, this new development can prove to be promising.