nChain Launches Bitcoin [BTC] SV to Maintain Satoshi Vision

Dr. Craig Wright, nChain’s Chief Scientist discussed Bitcoin SV, nChain and the Bitcoin Cash to maintain Bitcoin in its purest form..
Wright had recently unveiled the release of a full node implementation for Bitcoin Cash dubbed Bitcoin Satoshi Vision [Bitcoin SV]. The purpose of the new node process is maintain the flagship cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, for its original intent according to Satoshi’s view as well as supporting the cryptocurrency mining community.

Dr. Wright said that:
“This would introduce 4 opcodes, OP_MUL, OP_INVERT, OP_RSHIFT and OP_LSHIFT. This would also increase the block size limit from 32MB to 128MB. In addition, Bitcoin SV will be eradicating the delays that take place in the transaction. “

The new node implementation offers “plug- in transaction selection” and “quotation modules” which will allow crypto miners the ability to work without hindrance in the crypto ecosystem.

The release of Bitcoin SV is scheduled to be launched prior to the Bitcoin Cash hard fork which is slated for November 2018. The hard fork will be orchestrated by the development team behind Bitcoin Cash called the Bitcoin ABC team, who will be releasing a new fork again after their May 15th, 2018 network upgrade. The Bitcoin ABC team’s goal is to inform users of the upcoming updates as well as overseeing that modules and technologies supporting Bitcoin Cash [BCH] are not affected.

The updates for the new version are currently downloadable, however the upgrade will be active before 15th November.

Jimmy Nguyen, the CEO of nChain said:
“This is an exciting, but also critical, time for the progress of Bitcoin BCH. We look forward to collaborating with groups around the world on projects such as Bitcoin SV to achieve our common goal: making the original Satoshi Vision for Bitcoin a global reality.”