Malta is Looking into Opening the First Blockchain University

Joshua Broggi, an Oxford researcher, is exploring Malta as the place to open the first blockchain university. Currently, the researcher is patiently waiting for the accreditation that would allow him to begin his project.

With Malta’s government in making the country the hub of blockchain technology, many startups and established firms have come to their shores. Even major crypto exchanges such as Binance have found a home for operations on the island.
According to local media outlet, Lovin Malta, Broggi wants to open the first Blockchain University in the world. As per the article released by Lovin Malta on August 27.

Broggi stated:
“Malta provides an educational framework based in the British tradition – and after Brexit, Mala will remain both an EU member state and a Commonwealth member. We have had productive meetings with [Education Minister] Evarist Bartolo and the National Commission for Further and Higher Education (NCFHE).”

Woolf University will be the first blockchain-powered higher-education institute with its own native token. Through the use of blockchain technology, the university will automate administrative procedures and increase its security. The university aims to provide on campus and online education. This will allow students access to personalized tutorials and create a customized experience. Also noteworthy, teachers are to be paid tokens as well as given micro-credits.

During a conversation with Forbes, Broggi commented:
“We use a blockchain to create efficiencies by managing custodianship of student tuition, enforcing regulatory compliance for accreditation, and automation a number of processes. Our blockchain-enforced accreditation processes are such that teachers and students from outside the EU can join our platform and earn a full EU degree – a non-EU student with a non-EU teacher in a non-EU language.”

Currently the project has attracted many well-qualified professors and lecturers, with several of them come from the University of Oxford. Professors from other prestigious universities are hailing Cambridge University, George Mason University, King’s College London, as well as many other institutions around the globe.