Viva La Crypto! Mexico’s First Blockchain Event

On November 20 and 21 in Monterrey, Mexico, the country will be holding its first blockchain event called Viva la Crypto!. The organizer, Angelica Villarreal, a young engineer, is holding the event in an opportunity for Mexico to be noticed by the world as center for blockchain.

Speaking to media outlet Coin Rivet, the organizer stated that cryptocurrency investors have failed to see the potential of Mexico’s capability for technological innovation. Among the obstacles that she has faced in setting up the event has been let investors and the industry as a whole to see Mexico’s talent and potential. ”That’s another reason Viva la Crypto is so important” according to Villarreal.

The 25-year old engineer, has made waves in the industry in a short span of time, and now heads Horizen (formerly ZenCash) that services Latin America. As the head of organizing Mexico’s first ever blockchain event, her goal is to acquire an inclusive crowd of 1,500 men and women to hear many prominent speakers.

The event has been gaining social awareness, with Villarreal commenting:
”We’ve had enormous interest from people, organizations as well as the media, which has led us to plan our next national campaign to promote this unique event further.”

The project started back in January when Villarreal took an opportunity to orchestrate a blockchain-focused event first in her local city, and with the next in Mexico City in 2019.