Decoin ICO Surpasses Soft Cap Reaching $4.7M

Decoin’s initial coin offering (ICO) originally had a soft cap target of $4 million which it had surpassed and has now reached $4.7 million two weeks before the private sale deadline of August 31. The raising development has garnered the attentions of investors to the project.

Decoin’s main product, Decoin Trading and Exchange Platform (D-TEP), is touting a specialized revenue-sharing model as well as creating an innovative decentralized solution. The goal of the flagship product is to have D-TEP support up to one million transactions per second and hundreds of thousands of cross rates concurrently.
D-TEP will offer a clean and user-friendly interface, adaptive to veterans but not so complex to scare away beginners. One of the features of the platform is an open API and multi-currency wallet support as well as being compliant with the new GDPR law governing Europe. One of D-TEP’s security measures is to store 90% of crypto assets offline.

Decoin is following the “coin of the people” model, which will allow owners holding a Native DECOIN coin to be entitled to a share of the trading revenue as well as be eligible for a 6.2% interest rate per annum on their DECOIN holdings. Decoin is also preparing to release the DECOIN Crypto Index (DCI) which will also be the umbrella under which new products will be launched.

Decoin is starting negotiations with crypto and blockchain-based companies to help facilitate the overall goal. A deal with Pecunio, a crypto fund for institutional investors has already been finialized.

Decoin having successfully reached its soft cap, now aims to release the D-TEP platform in sometime in 2019.

Decoin CEO Shay Perry states:

“There are funds from all over the world that are interested in investing in the project.”