Thailand’s $24 Million Bitcoin Scam Ropes in a Well Known Thai Stockbroker

Thai stockbroker Prasit Srisuwan, has been fingered in an ongoing investigation concerning a $24 million bitcoin fraud case. Srisuwan however pleads innocent to any involvement.

Local news outlet, Bangkok Post reported that Srisuwan spoke in a press conference claiming that he is in fact a victim of the scam targeting a Finnish investor who was fleeced out of 5,564 BTC.

Srisuwan stated that his only involvement in the fraud was to broker between Finnish national Aarni Otava Saarimaa and the company DNA 2002 Plc owned by main suspect, actor Prinya Jaravijit.

The broker asserts that the Finnish investor was a blockchain and cryptocurrency expert who came to his own conclusion to invest in DNA 2002 Plc, with Srisuwan as the broker. However, after Saarimaa paid 5,564 BTC (roughly $24 million) for shares in Jaravijit’s company, the Thai actor failed to deliver the promised shares.

With several plots of land and over 50 bank accounts have been seized and frozen, and siblings in custody, the main culprit Jaravijit, is avoiding arrest, mostly likely out of country.

While Srisuwan claims his innocence and even said he tried to get Jaravijit to honor the deal, Crime Suppression Division (CSD) deputy commander Chakrit Sawasdee has stated that Srisuwan will be charged with fraud.