Coinbase Sets Up Principles For Institutional Crypto Products

Coinbase, the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the U.S., has completed its core principles for its various institutional financial products.

Last May, the exchange revealed its institutional products list, announced the fundamental beliefs behind the operations and the development of its enterprise suites.
Adam White, Coinbase’s vice president and general manager, posted on the company’s blog, that the startup will implement five core principles.

The core principles will operate with full transparency, provide a fair and orderly market, offering fair access to all market participants, provide safeguarding services to all clients with institutional-grade infrastructure and processes, as well as openly list the practices and market rules to the public.

White commented:
“This set of fundamental beliefs will act as our North Star as we design, develop, and operate our products. Ultimately, we intend for these core principles to drive us toward our goal of operating the most trusted venue for storing, trading, and interacting with the world of cryptocurrency.”

The goal of the crypto exchange will be to deliver institutional products and eventual get to an open financial system.
Coinbase released Coinbase Custody back in May, a product geared towards institutional investors who are exploring the cryptocurrency ecosystem. The crypto exchange started accepting deposits for the service back in July.