Tron’s (TRX) Justin Sun Lays Out Plan For Rewards On BitTorrent And The Future Of The Network

Tons TRX

Tron (TRX) has been making news lately since launching and completing its ICO in September 2017. With an initial token price of one TRX for $0.0019, it has reached up to $0.020 and would most likely see higher numbers if the cryptocurrency market as a whole was in its bear cycle. Tron has made some significant moves by initiating its testnet, main net, developing a virtual machine, completing the acquisition of BitTorrent and Bitcoin,org, all of this in pursuit of Sun’s vision of a decentralized internet.

In an interview with Forbes magazine, the Tron Foundation founder detailed his plans for the future. The full transcript is located is here.
Justin explained his outlook on monetary incentives for the content creators:
Now that TRON is well established as a major public chain, we are looking beyond just incentive’s content and more toward building a healthy ecosystem…Essentially, we are working to achieve our dream of “decentralizing the web”.

While every company needs profits to survive, it seems that Sun has his sights further ahead, beyond the monetary aspect. He then went on to explain the integration of BitTorrent and its relation to the Tron ecosystem:
Our role as the largest decentralized protocol is to provide the best possible service to our users. Our mission is to provide a fast, safe, and reliable product that is usable both on desktop and mobile. Currently, we are actively working on Project Atlas, a major step toward a fairer Internet. The project is in collaboration with BitTorrent, and will extend the lifespan of their torrents’ swarms, offer rewards to peers who seed torrents, infuse resources into the torrent ecosystem, and establish financial rewards in return. The project will transform the way people share and consume content, helping to re-shape the industry for the better.

He also comments on why he is running Super Representatives:
Right now I share this responsibility with 26 other candidates and I look forward to working more with them to make our protocol the best possible space for our community.

Sun is looking to create a Web 4.0 that millenials and future generations can use that will be decentralized as well as inclusive. He wants to put control back in the hands of the community.