Netcoins List Ripple’s XRP Giving Access to Stores Worldwide via a Virtual Crypto ATM

Netcoin, a Vancouver-based company, has added Ripple’s XRP to its virtual crypto ATM platform installed at thousands of stores globally.

On Twitter, the company posted:.
“It’s an exciting Monday! We’ve listed #Ripple, available for immediate purchase, via our OTC Private Brokerage Services business and our 21000+ retail locations in Australia, Europe and Canada! Find out more on our newsblog: #altcoin #altcoins #crypto”

The company says that its Netcoin software is available on smartphones, tablets, iPads, and computers. This platform allows various stores to become cryptocurrency resellers. There goal is to avoid large ATM machines by turning wifi-enabled devices into virtual crypto ATMs.
Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin are available in denominations of $10, $20, $50 and $100.
That platform provides users access by entering their credentials such as their first and last name, and driver’s license, on location.

Retailers hosting a virtual ATM earn commission on every transaction. The company claims to have made the purchase seamless and will generate new clientele by making crypto available to those who might otherwise be hesitant to get into the digital asset world.
Users waiting to check-out who purchase crypto will get and email with the details of the transactions as well as a wallet that holds the requested funds. This process is similar to the process of getting ‘cash back’ but instead you get virtual coins.