John McAfee Appointed CEO for Luxcore (LUX)

John McAfee, from the well-known antivirus program and eccentric businessman, has been announced as CEO for Luxcore (LUX), a blockchain solutions and services ecosystem.

Luxcore, specializes in creating enterprise ready security and privacy products, is looking to grow its cryptocurrency Lux Coin, and one of their strategy to reorganize the business is by appointing McAfee as their CEO.
Luxcore spoke to the blockchain community, saying:
“We are excited to announce @officialmcafee as the new CEO of Luxcore! John’s appointment is part of a massive personnel reorganization designed to drive significant and rapid business growth for $LUX.

It’s the dawning of a #NewEra”
McAfee, who has been known to be an advocate of cryptocurrency and is seeking for it to become mainstream, spoke about his new positition:
“I have accepted the position of CEO of LUXCORE. They have been working hard behind the scenes and will soon announce the availability of Blockchain features we have all been waiting for. I will still continue lead Team McAfee on its adventurous journey.”
Luxcore states that its claim to fame is the ground-breaking PHI2 algorithm, a new hybrid PoW / PoS algorithm for Lux Coin. This blockchain will be used to develop and implement its core product offerings.

McAfee is well-known in the crypto speculation market, making grand statements concerning Bitcoin. McAfee has also been in recent crypto news after proclaimed that the BitFi wallet is unhackable. Concerning his investments, McAfee commented:
“My predictions are shit only if they fail in 18 months – the minimum long term investment. Everything I recommend I buy myself. It made me one the richest men on earth. Ex: My $400,000 ride. My yacht, the largest on the Island. Success is truth. I invest in all my predictions.”