Employees are Showing Interest in Wages Paid in Cryptos

Sage, a British tech firm, has commissioned a Google Survey, one that revealed many employees wouldn’t mind a portion of their wages paid in Bitcoin (BTC).
The survey reported that upto 31% of the 1000 respondents would like to have some part of their salary paid in the leading cryptocurrency, while 37% of the total respondents wouldn’t mind for anywhere between 1-20% to be paid in the digital asset.
The purpose of Sage’s survey was to identify and monitor the current pay trends and preferences of employees. The tech firm’s Sage Pay is a solution provider for companies to pay wages as an outsourced paymaster. The online nature of the survey did not limit it to regional or country borders.
Darren Francis, who commissioned the survey commented:
“It’s interesting that more people were leaning towards the “all-in” option; having their sole or dominant income paid to them in cryptocurrency.”
An interesting factor that arose from the survey, was that women, despite the gender increasing the diversity of cryptocurrency in their investment portfolios, were significantly less likely to accept a crypto-based wage as opposed to their male counterparts.
According to the survey, only 25% of women would embrace the idea of a partial crypto wage, while 75% of men would be comfortable adopting the new payment option.
The survey also showed that the age demographic of both the 25-34 group and the 35-44 group were about equal when came to accepting the cryptocurrency wage option, while those employees closer to retirement age showed little interest in cryptocurrency, preferring a standard fiat salary.
Google Surveys uses content sites such as Youtube to acquire respondents, in which their data is collected on a survey site in exchange for media.