EOS Uses Spam to Surpass Ethereum in Crypto Transaction Volume

Using a bombardment of spam, EOS has surpassed Ethereum (ETH) in crypto transaction volume. Since Bitcoin became the flagship cryptocurrency many coins afterwards tried to replicat if not beat out the world’s largest digital asset. Ethereum was one of the challengers, and despite not succeeding in the endeavour has become great in its own way. With BTC being the first coin, it is clear that any other coin would have to come out with new innovations to topple the giant.

Ethereum was able to prove itself time and again until it took the number two spot in the cryptocurrency market. This however put a target on its back for other coins looking to make the same impact and surpass ETH. EOS became the strongest opponent to Ethereum’s ranking.
On Sunday, July 29th, EOS passed by Ethereum settling into the number two spot within a matter of hours. The surge of volume behind EOS is apparently due to a wave of spam from Blocktwitter, a smart contract unrelated to the social media platform Twitter.
Blocktwitter sent a message saying “WE LOVE BM,” along with the hundreds of transactions it created per second. Even with the shear volume, the EOS network was unfazed, as it was only operating at 0.16% of the network’s capacity.
However, it is unlikely for Ethereum to take this in stride, we will have to see how the Ethereum Foundation will respond.