Blockchain Medical Platform Announced in Hong Kong

Hex Innovation, a Hong Kong-based technical solutions company, has announced a blockchain technology platform that will handle medical information during the blockchain conference Hybrid Summit 2018, held in Bangkok this weekend.

The company already manages vast amounts of medical information and plans to integrate the information onto its blockchain platform. The blockchain will keep records of the international standard of medical patient details and hospital records. Hex Innovation goes on to say:

“Attempts have been made to use blockchain in order to protect information of individuals safely, but it has been pointed out that the performance degrades as the data size increases due to the characteristics of the blockchain.”

HEX has created a partnership with ASTON (XBC Technologies PTE. Ltd, Singapore) in order to further develop the capabilities of the platform. In another move, the company has also partnered with TPLUS, the firm which built FHIR system of the Korean Healthcare government. TPLUS has prior experience in handling medical imaging system and radiation dose management system development.

This is not the first company to explore the possibility of blockchain’s capability to facilitate the health care sector. In June 2018, Filipino company Cool Kids teamed up with a Boston-based blockchain group to develop a better system of healthcare delivery in the Philippines. Cool Kids is an amalgam of various consultants and entrepreneurs who utilize emerging technologies to provide life improvement solutions.

In a partnership with SimplyVital Health, Cool Kids will have access to SimplyVital Health’s HIPAA-compatible protocol Health Nexus. Health Nexus is intended to recognize Philippine health care opportunities with the maximum impact. The company made the statement concerning Health Nexus:

“With Health Nexus, providers and patients have better and faster access to vital patient data, while being compatible with the security standards set by HIPAA [Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act]. This can allow for instant updates to patient data around the world, leaving a permanent track record of every treatment and service without using the dreaded fax machine.”